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House of Morgan Pewter

Mini Pewter Candlestick Holder - Birthday Candle Holder - Colonial Home Decoration

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Handcrafted Pewter Mini Candlesticks as 6 Unique Individual Designs or as a Set of Six Designs! A Limited Edition & once we sell out that is all for these Special Older Designs!

We stumbled upon these special designs in an old box when we moved the inventory to our new workshop.

Candlesticks Range from 1 3/4” to 3” in height.

(The typical birthday candle is 0.2" thick) The designs E and F are perfect for first birthday pewter keepsakes.

Design E- will hold a candle that is 0.2" thick.
Design F- will hold a candle that is 0.2" thick.

Original House of Morgan Pewter design that is Hand Cast in North Carolina. Made to be shiny but will grey naturally with age. You may restore the shine by polishing with Brasso or any metal polish that lists Pewter on the container. You may also restore the shine by polishing with a super-sheen polishing cloth or jeweler's cloth.

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