Our Family Story

House of Morgan Pewter

North Carolina Family Business

Our North Carolina family business is experiencing an exciting transition this year, 2020! 

My husband and I are both Occupational Therapists by profession. Over the past several years we have juggled raising our three small children and working our day-time jobs, along with being graciously taken under Uncle Kent and Aunt Martha Morgan’s wings as they mentored us about the art and business of pewter. 

House of Morgan Pewter History

In 1980, Kent and Martha developed their art by reading a lot of books, gathering information from equipment companies, and from trial and error. 

Their determination and vision created a successful small family business that prides itself in being hand cast in North Carolina. 

House of Morgan Pewter has always been special to Matt and I. Some of the beautiful pewter ornaments were our wedding reception thank you gifts & our first baby shower thank you gifts to family & friends.

Our family consists of three young children who already use their small hands to help us with small jobs. 

We are excited to continue such a beautiful traditional art form into 2020. 

Our handcrafted designs are sold in many North Carolina historical sites, businesses, museums, & gift shops. 

We pride ourselves on producing high quality handmade designs at an amazing price. 

...and Today

  • We have over 800 current designs and a wide selection of North Carolina inspired designs.
  • We love to collaborate with businesses and take a logo or an idea to handcraft a special custom design that is unique to their business. 
  • We attend many large craft shows up and down the Eastern United States with plans to explore more shows. 
  • We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue our family business that we love to give back to our Community. 
  • We offer local charities, schools, churches, and hospice centers our fundraiser prices to assist them with raising money.
House of Morgan Pewter

As we continue to expand House of Morgan Pewter by using ecommerce and social media, we hope it helps spread the word about our business history, craftsmanship of our designs, & how to purchase our designs. 

Matt and I are excited to be a part of the handmade movement and look forward to making it easy and desirable for more businesses to carry locally made products! 

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how you can carry our North Carolina handcrafted designs!  Shop our special keepsakes online at www.houseofmorganpewter.net,  Amazon Handmade or Etsy.  

 Amanda & Matt Morgan