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House of Morgan Pewter

Stainless Steel Rope Necklaces- 18 20 24 26 30 Inches - Extra Chain Jewelry

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Our top selling stainless steel rope chains come in a wide range of sizes.  These are great necklaces for our pewter designs. 

Please select your favorite length.

18" Thick- is too tight for my husband's neck.  A common male teenager necklace.

20" - males often pick this length.

24" & 26"- will go over most heads without needing to unlatch.  Our most popular lengths.

30" Thick- Longest length and often used with larger pendants.  You can message me if you would like an item as a larger pendant.  I would need to add a bail for it to attach to a necklace.

Our necklaces are not handmade by House of Morgan Pewter, but we have searched to find the best quality at the best price.