House of Morgan Pewter was started in 1980 after Kent and Martha Morgan visited Colonial Williamsburg and were fascinated by the pewter making process.

Matt and I were mentored by Kent and Martha Morgan for 5 years before the company was passed down to us in February 2021. Today we continue on Kent Morgan's traditional pewter casting process, while we continue to expand our business using ecommerce and social media. Our three small children are an important part of the future of House of Morgan Pewter and help us with little hand chores.

Thank goodness no. We have our online stores on Amazon Handmade, Etsy, and our main website www.houseofmorganpewter.net. We also attend a lot of craft shows in the Eastern United States that keep us very busy during the holiday months. We love being able to work from our workshop and the flexibility it provides for our young family. It also allows us to keep our cost low so we can pass them on to our customers.

House of Morgan uses a lead free pewter blend that is produced in Pennsylvania to ensure the combination is made of the finest lead-free alloy of tin, copper and antimony.

Pewter is amazing! Pewter is known as the poor man's silver, because it looks like silver but has a much lower price point. Having three small kids, we have learned quickly that the durability of pewter is a huge selling point! What other ornament can a kid drop and it not break? We hope our pewter designs will become special family heirlooms to be cherished for many generations!

Pewter does not tarnish like silver or copper, but certain living conditions like proximity to saltwater or constant handling will cause pewter to oxidize and darken. See below how to clean our pewter.

There are various pewter cleaners and polishes available to maintain your pewter. We have teamed up with our favorite American made metal cleaning company to offer our customers Cape Cod metal polishing cloths. (Can we add a link to purchase this? We have it listed (Cape Cod Polishing Cloths)

All of our designs are hand cast in North Carolina. Uncle Kent started the company in Mt. Airy, NC, where he built a successful business working from his large basement. A family friend in Mt. Airy continues to assist us with hand casting the pewter designs. In 2020, Matt and I built a workshop in my hometown of Kinston, NC, where we hand cast our designs year round so they are ready to ship quickly for our customers.

We are working hard to make wholesale buying easy! We have teamed up with both Faire and Abound sites to offer you easy wholesale shopping. They both are offering a $100 Credit to our store and Free shipping for a year if you sign up through our below links. This offer applies to both wholesale websites. Once you sign up through our links you will have 72 hours to order to receive the credit and free shipping.

Our Abound Wholesale Link:

Our Faire Wholesale Link:

Please feel free to email (amandamorganhom@gmail.com) or call me (252-526-1605) with any questions about wholesale, if you prefer to place an order directly through us. This is our wholesale inquiry form.

We love making custom designs. A new design requires us to gather every detail that will be important to your new design. We will work closely with you to draft out your idea before having it graphically designed. A custom design requires a minimum order of at least 100 items and takes us 2-3 months to complete. Please complete this form if you are interested in learning more!

We love to give back to charities and fundraisers! Pick from over 800 designs to find the perfect design for your Fundraiser! Please complete this form if you are interested in learning more!