Top Reasons Why We Still Attend Craft Shows - Handmade Business

Top Reasons Why We Still Attend Craft Shows - Handmade Business

Holiday Craft Show Season is almost here!  We sure missed our 2020 shows, but we are excited to see everyone this Holiday Season!  

Kent Morgan (founder of House of Morgan Pewter) grew our family business one craft show at a time.  We now attend over 25 craft shows and have loyal customers we see every year.  We promised Uncle Kent that we would continue on the craft shows, because they are the heart of our business!

Reasons We Still Attend Craft Shows:

1) Our Promise 

We promised Uncle Kent and Aunt Martha that we would continue to attend the craft shows.  They worked hard to get House of Morgan Pewter in the big Eastern United States craft shows, like Christmas Made in the South and the Craftsmen's Classics .  

learning a family art from the previous generation

Kent Morgan teaching his Nephew, Matt Morgan, how to cut gate in the pewter molds.

2) Family Traditions

We get to be apart of other's holiday traditions.  We love to hear that a visit to our shop at different craft shows are a yearly family tradition.  My absolute favorite is when I hear our pewter ornaments are an annual gift to loved ones.  Parents have told me the annual pewter ornaments are give to their kids when they go off to college, so they can have their own Christmas tree when they move away.  So sweet!

3) Shop Handmade and Local 

It helps me get a jump start on Christmas shopping.  After a busy day, I love to walk around the craft show and purchase from other vendors.  I have found some amazing items and look forward to seeing them each year.  One of my favorites is an amazing rejuvenating candles and skin care company based in Asheville, NC.  Element Tree Essentials

Their Citrus Sage Solid Perfume is my all time favorite and I am almost out!  I keep it in my purse at all times.  Not only does it smell heavenly, but it hydrates your skin.

hand lotion
What is left of my Solid Citrus Sage Solid Perfume.

4) Immediate Feedback for Us

Craft shows provide us the opportunity to learn what our customers really think about our new designs and current items.  We get some great ideas from our customers and even from Santa and Mrs. Claus!  


Santa and Mrs. Claus at Christmas Made in the South in Savannah, GA

5) Temporary Store

Craft shows allow us to have a pop up type of store.  It allows us to reach a large amount of customers in a short amount of time since the shows are often only 3 days.  Then back to the workshop to prepare for the next show!   This gives us more time to be with our young family.  As they get older, we hope they enjoy being apart of the craft shows.

6) Best Retail Prices 

Craft shows will have the best price for our items as retail.  An item that sells for $15 on our online store will be around $10 at a craft show.  Online selling platforms come with online fees and the expensive shipping cost.  We always ship our items with a tracking number to ensure it arrives correctly.  This is a minimum of $3.50 for shipping.  This is the time to buy!  Stock up for the holidays at our craft shows! 




Our 2021 Craft Show List



What are some of your favorite reasons for shopping at craft shows or being a vendor at craft shows.  Let me know!  






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