New Wholesale Options

New Wholesale Options

Our family often go on adventures that are sometimes near or far from our home. I find myself planning trips to include stops at special small businesses.  I always get so excited when I show our kids our House of Morgan Pewter designs in different retail stores, historical sites, or museum gift shops.  That special moment is when all the hard work comes full circle!  

Mast General in Asheville, North Carolina

general mast display

Last year, we worked hard to get our products listed on 2 new online wholesale sites, Faire and Abound.  Both have been amazing to help us reach new retail buyers and provide a convenient way to purchase wholesale.  

Abound has been overwhelmingly supportive with free advertisement and highlighting our products.  In a world where paying for advertisement is a norm, Abound goes above and beyond to provide small local businesses a way to share their business stories and products. 

Come watch my first interview about our House of Morgan Pewter business journey and gain a little insight into how our products are handcrafted in Kinston, North Carolina!

Our Abound Maker Spotlight Interview


abound interview picture



Check out this amazing offer that is only available through our Faire and Abound Links.

$100 Credit and Free Shipping for a Year if you sign up for wholesale through our links below.  This special offer is available for both sites.  An order must be placed within 72 hours to receive this special offer.

Our Abound Wholesale Link

Our Faire Wholesale Link




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