How Are New Pewter Designs Created?

How Are New Pewter Designs Created?

We have tons of design ideas, but not every one makes it to the finish line to become a House of Morgan Pewter gift.  So what does it take and how do we get there?

We are often asked how do we create a new design.  It always starts with an idea. 

We use an old school approach to creating new designs.  We have a simple idea notebook where we keep all types of design ideas.  Some are pretty far fetched and some are very simple designs.

Some make it to the first design phase and some fade away.  When we lived in Wilmington, a beautiful North Carolina beach town, there was something magical about snow at the beach.  We have taken this special memory and designed our seashell inspired collection!  This special photo was taken by our neighbor, Josh Wright, after a rare snow day in Wilmington, NC.

wilmington after snow

When we were brainstorming how to position the seashells to allow the pewter to flow easily in the mold, I used real small seashells.  It allowed me to move different pieces around and notice all the different shell's details.

 snowflake tree initial design idea

After many changes, we finished with a design that lasted through the mold, hand casting, and tumbling process.  They do not all make it to the finish line and could just be lesson learned.

Our current, seashell wreath and seashell Christmas tree designs.

pewter seashell wreath and christmas tree

A little sneak peak at a new design we are working on.  Will it make it to the finish line?  We will see!  

I recently found an amazing program called, Canva, that allows me to take pieces of our previous designs and use them to create a new design.  Simply amazing!  Old school pencil and paper meeting new high tech to make designing easier!  

snowflake seashell ornament design at the start

What other designs would you like to see made from seashells?  Tell us in the comments and feel free to share this blog.  


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