Handmade Pewter Easter Egg Paint Sets for Kids

The Great Pewter Easter Egg Painting Contest for all ages!

Every holiday I find myself excited about a Do It Yourself (DIY) craft set or cookie making set for our three young kids.  There is a special magic that happens when you are free to create your own design.


 paint sets for kids

I started thinking, Why Not Pewter?  


How can we create a DIY pewter kit?  We spent months trying out different markers and primers for our pewter designs.  We knew Easter was coming and what is more perfect than an Easter Egg keepsake painted by a kid to remind you of that special age?


easter egg painting contest for kids

What type of paint and tools would work best & safe for kids?

  • Acrylic
  • We picked thin tip marker pens instead of the messy small paint cups (even though these were a lot cheaper).  They allow you to paint smaller details.
  • The primer had a strong smell and we did not see a difference in the finished product.  No primer used.

What designs would be fun to paint?

  • A simple flat egg design to let the creativity run free.
  • An egg design with Happy Easter to add some details and it is really cool when you paint over the words.
  • The durability of the pewter will make this a special keepsake. 


  • We kept it simple!  Our large rustic brown gift bag.

The Great Facebook Easter Egg Painting Contest!

Our oldest son had a great idea!  This summer a gem mining company had a weekly contest where kids could draw a picture of a certain animal and a random winner won a special gift.  It was such a fun and simple contest.  He said can we do the same with our pewter eggs.  Great idea!  Why not?

Our First Ever Pewter Easter Egg Painting Contest is open for all ages!
Post your painted pewter Easter Eggs on our House of Morgan Pewter Facebook Page  to enter.
• Have fun painting your handcrafted pewter Easter Eggs!
• Take a picture
• Post them on our Facebook site.
• All pictures must be posted by 12pm EST on April 3, 2021.
• Random winner selected & announced on Easter Day April 4,
One lucky random winner will win a $25 Gift Card to our main House of Morgan Pewter store on Easter Day 2021!
Our new pewter egg paint kits were just listed! Only 35 kits available!


Other Possibilities?

  • Future holiday sets
  • Great pewter blanks for creative hand stampers

Thank you for supporting a local handmade company!  Comment below other pewter designs that would be fun to paint? 



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